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Our Farm and Garden Store is your home farming or urban farming solution. We encourage those who are willing and able to grow food in their yards and gardens in place of traditional lawns. Beyond the benefit of growing your own food and having your own supply chain and the accompanying confidence in its safety and nutritional value, doing so reduces the amount of chemicals and resources needed to facilitate the modern ideal of a perfect suburban lawn. In short, grow food not lawns! As grocery store prices only continue to go up and real unprocessed food begins to become more scarce and more expensive, growing your own food can provide immediate economic relief. This is very much the idea behind urban farming. There is more to it though which is reconnecting with how food is actually grown and produced and reconnecting with the sentiments and independency and respect for nature that is required in order to produce such food. Technical skills and knowledge can be learned Along the way, so don’t feel like you have to be an expert when you start out. Just get started anywhere you can and learn along the way! This is where we can assist through our blogs and resources and offering products that will make this journey More efficient and enjoyable.

The Farm and Garden Store at is your online garden supply catalog for farm and garden, city farming, or organic urban gardening. Our product sourcing is through reliable and well tested and reputable suppliers.

We strive to be able to provide you with a full garden to table end to end capability. After harvest you can look to us for tools that will make food processing and cooking faster and easier. Use the modern conveniences that are available while simultaneously often rediscovering old conveniences and solutions that have been forgotten. We have what you need for a garden to table solution.

We have competitive prices through strategic sourcing and continuously strive to provide outstanding service. It is it is our joy and privilege to serve you so please share us on social media and thank you for joining us in the garden to table lifestyle.