Garden Hoops For Raised Beds



These garden hoops for raised beds enable you to put together your own garden hoop house or row cover hoops. A garden hoop house or row cover hoops is good for protecting your garden from frost, insects, birds, and overbearing sun.

  • Made of high quality, green plastic coated steel, these resist rust and can be used for a long time to come.
  • The covering (not included) can be swapped out with insect or bird netting, shade netting, or insulating bedding.
  • When used as wire hoops for row covers mini-greenhouse, the ideal environment is provided for rapid germination and growth of young plants. Also perfect for hardening and acclimating plants to outdoors.
  • Suitable to use as plant support garden stakes for tomatoes and other vegetables.
  • Suitable for other spring, summer, and autumn uses. Outdoor sports and other activities such beach, park, or other outdoor activities. Protects your skin from the sunshine and the damaging rays.


The dimensions are as follows:

Curved tube length 4.9ft (before bending),

wide 25.5 inch

height 23.5 inch (after bending)

Tube diameter: 8mm/0.32inch.

Each package contains 6 Garden Hoops For Raised Beds.

Garden Fabric Not Included.