Animal Scarers – Ultrasonic Outdoor Dog Cat Scarers with Motion Sensor & Flashing Lights, Waterproof, Solar Powered & USB Charging, 5 Frequency to Expel Cats, Dogs, Foxes, Birds, etc (1PCS)



  • How it works – When an animal enters the area, an infrared sensor is activated and cat scarers emits an ultrasonic wave converted to frequency so that the animal can expel from the area.
  • 5 Frequency Controls – Most animals have a wide listening spectrum, but only one is a more effective frequency. If the recommended settings don’t work, you’ll need to set different frequencies to meet your specific needs.
  • IP 44 Waterproof Rating – This product has an IP 44 waterproof rating. It can withstand normal rain from all directions, so it is suitable for long-term outdoor use. (Tips: don’t expose your device to heavy rain, the rain can’t enter the charging interface.)
  • Ultrasound and Flash: This ultrasound scarers has two working modes: ultrasonic and flash. A powerful LED flash to keep large animals away, such as raccoons, wild boars, crickets, etc.
  • Applicable Occasions – This rat scarers is particularly suitable for farms, rice fields, nurseries and orchards. People can perceive ultrasound. Keep the product away from living areas and areas where babies and children are active.