Flash Tape For Birds Deterrent



Flash tape for birds is a reflective tape to deter birds and used to scare birds away.

Does bird scare tape work? You bet it does!  Depending on your situation, it could be the best way to scare birds away. One of the most simple and effective solutions for scaring and repelling birds from your garden, trees, or buildings. Easy to install – no batteries or complicated installation required. Ethical and environmentally friendly, no harmful chemicals or spray. No extensive netting required.

  • This is reflective tape that reflects different lights creating a flash and dazzle effect that disorients and startles to drive the birds away. As a bonus it also generates noise to deter birds when the wind blows.
  • Hang the scare tapes in your garden, orchard, farmland, veranda or anywhere you need to repel birds. Cut the tape to the desired length, tie one end to a branch or pole and let the other end blow in the wind and reflect the sunlight.
  • Can also be used for bird window tape.
  • This material and technique and are non-toxic and harmless, keeping birds away without any harm to them by using their own natural alarm instincts.
  • Flash tape for birds is a polyester film with a glittering surface light reflectance rate of 90%.  The tape is tough and durable to survive the elements.
  • Contains a 2 pack roll of reflective scare tapes, each one 350 feet long and 2 inches wide, in the total length of 700 feet. Both sides are reflective; 1 roll of glue points is also included for you to fix the tapes.
  • 2 Pack 700 Feet Long (350 Feet Per Roll), 2 Inch Width and double sided.