5 Gallon Grow Bags (Cloth Plant Pots)



Growbags allow you to garden anywhere. They are reusable for several years and can be folded and stored away during the offseason.

These are great for overwintering plants or growing plants to be moved during colder weather. They are easier to carry and take up less space when you are not using them than a traditional pot.


    • These growbags feature sturdy handles and they are made from strong, high quality fabric, non-woven to better hold its form and retain moisture.
    • The fabric is still breathable however so that excess water can drain, and the roots can breathe and grow healthier. When your plant is paired with the correct size bag roots can breathe effectively to avoid root swirling and grow a healthy rootball.
    • Watering every day in hot sunny weather is recommended.
    • The quality fabric has a secure hand feel and importantly is AZO dye free to keep pollutants from your plants – especially important if they are vegetable or fruit plants!
    • These bags make your plants easily transportable so that you can either find an ideal location, move them to safety when needed, or as needed.  Handles are double think and double stitched for extra support.
    • 5 Gallon Dimensions: 12.8″ in diameter, 10.0″ high. Approx. 5.5 gallon in true volume.
    • 20-Pack

Additional information


Fill up your grow bags with any medium you normally use in pots. Ensure that the sides of the grow bags stay upright as your are adding the soil. It is best to fill to about 1-1/2inch to 2inch from the top. Moisten the medium before planting. After planting the plant, add an all-natural fertilizer to the surface of the pot and scratch it in. Keep the plant moist until the plant had become established. Be sure that the water is reaching the bottom of the grow bags so that the media is uniformly moist.