Compostable Plant Pots – 3″ Seedling Starter Pots From Recycled Materials



Compostable Plant Pots are 100% Biodegradable and ECO Friendly, No Transplant Shock with Free Plant Labels & Garden Tool, 90 Pack

By using our Compostable Plant Pots you’ll be getting your dream garden off to a great start while paying pennies on the dollar compared to buying plants from a greenhouse. It makes perfect sense for the serious gardener and they are easy enough for the novice to use as well.
Choose the worry-free and environmentally sound solution!

Set contains: 60 pots and sturdy labels and two mini shovel tools.

100% biodegradable and environmentally safe

Our Compostable Plant Pots are organic made of recycled pulp peat that will decompose and break down naturally in the soil after being transplanted into your garden. You can stop contributing to peat moss harvesting and habitat destruction. Choose not to contribute to the spreading of plastic in the environment (or in your garden) that occurs by using disposable plastic pots.

Works for any seeds

These pots can start cultivating any number of seedlings weather herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, or even saplings. Containers will stay sturdy until placed in the ground and ready to decompose.

Eliminate Root Transplant Shock

Grow bigger and stronger plants, because you don’t need to manually remove the pot and risk damaging fragile roots, there is minimal shock to the root system that can harm and stunt seedlings. The pot will instead degrade naturally, so you can plan it in your raised bed or garden.

Easy To Use

Once in the ground and exposed to the elements, the pots will decompose. Roots will poke and spread through naturally to transition and adapt to the new outdoor soil.

The Ideal Size

The 3” x 3” is the ideal size for most seedlings to start indoor growing, without taking up unnecessary space. These can further be transplanted into larger pots just as easily as into a garden bed.

Stay Organized

What makes this set standout it is the included 60 plant markers and BONUS 2 Pack Shovel Tools!  Never again be stuck with “mystery” plants waiting weeks before you can identify what seeds were planted in them!

Saves You Money

One of these packs could cost the same as 3-4 or less potted plants so it is well worth the investment!


The Final Verdict – Choose the worry-free and environmentally sound solution!

These 60 Pack Seed Starter Pots are great for the seasoned gardener and novice alike and make a great gift for a special someone who will be preparing a garden indoor or out.

Additional information

Manufacturer instructions

Manufacturer instructions: Paper pulp pots are becoming extremely popular when setting up your garden. Not only do they make growing saplings and seedlings easy and fun, but its material fiber is nature, organic and 100% Degradable and most importantly, it's sustainable, will not hurt to our environment and they'll dissolve within a few weeks. You are bound to enjoy remarkable planting success as all your saplings and seedlings with spring forth with love and care. Step 1: open the package Step 2: separate them by holding 2 pots from different ends & rotating them (like when drying a wet towel); Step 3: fill the pots with soil mix almost until the top. Just leave a little bit of place at the top. Trust us on this, or you will have a small issue on step 6 :) Step 4: make a small hole in the middle of the soil using our bonus garden tool. The hole should roughly reach the middle of the pot; Step 5: put 1 seed of your desired plant in the newly made hole. Remember, just 1 seed. They might seem small but they will surprise you :); Step 6: cover the seed with a bit of soil and then gently water it. Gently! Otherwise the water will flush out the seed. Use enough water until it reaches the top of the soil and it moisturizes the area around the seed hole. if you drop a little bit of more water, don't worry (because you respected step 3, and no water or soil went over the pot's walls). Do not damp the soil! Peat pots are biodegradable, so damping them will develop mold; Step 7: place the pots on a tray or in a open box and place them in a warm, dry & sunny space. Keep gently watering your pots as per every plant's specific requirements; Step 8: label as needed if you are planting more than one type of seed. Step 9: time to plant them outside. Simply dig a small hole and place the peat pot containing the plant inside it; Step 10: cover the whole pot with soil; Step 11: be patient, care for your plants, and enjoy the view!