Ferment Weights – The Premium Grooved Handled Easy Weights



Welcome to the only real solution for keeping your fermenting vegetables below the brine level and safely submerged. Since vegetables tend to float these weights are perfect for holding them down under the liquid. Stop looking for homemade solutions that are subpar at best. Skip the smaller jars, bags full of water, and pet rocks. Use something that is designed and constructed by fermentation experts who wanted a solution of their own. Oh and by the way, they weren’t just looking for a solution but something convenient and easy to use! Hence the easy weight handle.

• The new updated 2020 design makes this product even easier to use. No more getting your fingers and germs into the ferment or trying to wedge a utensil under the weight and fumbling around. Quit messing around with cabbage leaves, small Mason jars, or your pet rock. It’s time to get a tool that is made for the job.
• The weights are heavy and thick enough to keep your vegetables safe and sound under the brining liquid and away from the mold and bacteria spores in the air. It will work just fine regardless of how full the jar is filled.
• This ferment weight has been specifically designed to work with all wide mouth Mason jars of any size. So don’t worry about half-gallon size jars or quart size or pint size, all wide mouth will fit.
• Easy to clean and heavy duty. The glass materials are heavy duty and will not break or crack under normal use.
• The glass materials are safe and BPA free, unlike homemade plastic bags or other plastic materials. Glass will not harbor mold or bacteria when cared for and is 100% safe for food. They are lead and cadmium free and meet FDA standards.
• Each weight is 6.5oz, 2-3/4″ x 1-1/32″.